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Benefits of Boxing for Women (bye bye bingo wings)

Boxing is no longer just for men anyone can incorporate boxing as part of there weekly exercise routine. It’s one of the best and most effective ways to get in shape and it produces visible results especially around the waist and arms more quickly than many other types of exercise. So why is boxing such […]

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Autumn Timetable

Our new Autumn timetable starts Monday September 11th There are only a few small changes, less stretch classes ( sorry guys but if you do not attend these classes then, as with anything else they will be removed from the timetable). Box with Soul now goes to two hour long sessions a week, which will […]

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Ex30 Strength

First of all I would like to say that we are very proud of the Ex30 programme. It is unique, not only to Soul Fitness but within the fitness industry in general, Ex 30 is a hybrid training programme, a mix of high intensity resistance training and cardio in the same workout. It is not […]

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Week 7 Blog 3

February continued…….. So I now begin to question why did I start this blog? 2 weigh ins 2lb gain both weeks!!!Arghhhhhhh So after I stopped crying to myself, and shouting at the mirror.!! I have to ask the question why? I had lost 9lb, so was feeling better about myself, slimmer, clothes fitted better, my […]

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What’s the best workout plan?

Q: What’s the ideal workout /diet plan? A: Sadly,  just as there are no magic pills to take for fat loss, there’s not one magic workout programme that will make you burn fat whilst leaving lean muscle. The Best workout and diet plan is the plan that you actually follow through with. The most important […]

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Heathers Weight Journey. week 5 blog2

February….. Thank you soul sisters!! You are all lovely and so supportive, lots of you have read my blog and have been really encouraging. Some of you are joining me on my journey, weighing in on the early session 06:45am  (yes we train that early) Fridays at Artifex, others are texting me your weigh ins […]

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February Water Challenge

10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO DRINK MORE WATER. 1 It makes up 75% of your brain. 2 IT REGULATES YOUR BODY TEMPERATURE. 3 It keeps your skin looking young. 4 IT PROTECTS YOUR HEART. 5 It helps you burn fat. 6 DECREASES FATIGUE. 7 Flushes out toxins. 8 HELPS CONTROL CALORIE INTAKE. 9 Carries […]

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Heather’s weight journey 2017

Ladies, I have decided to share my weight loss journey, hopefully in doing so I will loose the extra pounds that seem to have crept on in 2016. Last year was very emotional for me on many levels, to many to explore here, but suffice to say I am an emotional eater so everything gets […]

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What is the Pilates method and why does it work ?

Pilates and Pilates “inspired” classes are everywhere, and feature on almost every timetable of every fitness club and studio up and down the country, (actually all over the world), but what is it? Pilates is a method invented by a slightly crazy, but way ahead of his time German man named Joseph Pilates. Born in […]

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Why does group exercise work ?

There are many reasons why working out with a group works better than working out alone, obviously its cheaper than a session with a personal trainer for a start (of course that has its benefits too , especially if you have a specific goal in mind, or you are struggling with injuries for example). Group […]

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Soul Survivors

This Saturday Jan14th is the launch of our new class SOUL SURVIVORS …… We wanted to end the week with a challenge and thought what better way to do that than to combine our two most popular classes of Boxfit and Circuits. So there you have it guys, if you were wondering what that class […]

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So what is EX45 Conditioning ?

Ex45 is a new addition for 2017 and you will see a lot of this class on the timetable, however we thought you may be slightly confused as to what it actually is? Really this class is your one stop shop for a full body workout and unlike some other regimented and choreographed exercise programmes […]

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Why Soul ?

If you wondered why we chose Soul or indeed why we rebranded at all then read on .When we started the business nearly 5 years ago we offered about 5 classes a week and they were all boxfit (we were girls,we hit stuff so go figure where our original name of Pink Punch came from […]

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Start your Soul journey in 2017

The new year marks a new beginning for us with our former business Pink Punch rebranded as ‘Soul Fitness’. We’ve got lots of exciting plans (and classes!) for 2017, if you’ve just landed on our new website be sure to register to start your journey with Soul Fitness. We look forward to welcoming you to […]

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