Soul sisters

Week 7 Blog 3

February continued……..
So I now begin to question why did I start this blog?
2 weigh ins 2lb gain both weeks!!!Arghhhhhhh

So after I stopped crying to myself, and shouting at the mirror.!!
I have to ask the question why?
I had lost 9lb, so was feeling better about myself, slimmer, clothes fitted better, my skin had a healthy glow, my face didn’t look so round! all was going well.. and that made me not pay as much attention to the food I was eating or the alcohol I was consuming! (how stupid?) I now feel bloated, my face is back to being round and  I don’t feel as good about myself.

It’s okay .
I’m okay.
This is exactly why I committed to writing this blog, The highs and the lows, the truth, the actual truth of how this feels and I know I am not alone.

I have looked at the week ahead , planned my food, planned my soulfitness classes.

I will weigh in on Wednesday, (I head off to try out skiing on the 1st March wish me luck !) the eating, the carbs, the drinking, they say that skiing burns 400 cals an hour so maybe all is not lost! but this is life ladies.. sometimes we are good and sometimes we are, well, not so good but I am determined to be honest.

The numbers this week.. Total loss -5lbs.

I gained my extra weight over 18months . I know I would like to loose it quicker than I gained it. I know I can do this .

Thanks for your support Soul Sisters.