Soul sisters

Heathers Weight Journey. week 5 blog2

Thank you soul sisters!! You are all lovely and so supportive, lots of you have read my blog and have been really encouraging. Some of you are joining me on my journey, weighing in on the early session 06:45am  (yes we train that early) Fridays at Artifex, others are texting me your weigh ins or inches lost. All of this is fantastic, and together we can support each other …..highs and lows, remember we are in this  together.

The numbers this week… -3lbs      Total loss… -9lbs

So what am I doing, whats different?  I have tried most diets that are out there….
This time I have kept it  simple, eat well, eat often and eat smaller portions, I have always planned my gym sessions carefully and I realised I needed to plan my food in the same way. I used to be so hungry after a long busy day I would eat the first thing I could get my hands on, and you guessed it that inevitably meant bad choices were made. Planning is vital so prepare food in advance and set your menu for a few days ahead if possible, including having healthy snacks and lots of water on the go to keep you hydrated and stave off those hunger pangs.

Its been a great week of training for me, Barre, EX30Strength, Boxfit (twice) Circuits, Pilates and then last (but by no means least) Soul survivors….. Some of you are linking up with me on my Fitbit, care to join me ? We are, as ever stronger together so here’s to another great week!! Soulsisters we can do this . xx