Soul sisters

Heather’s weight journey 2017

Ladies, I have decided to share my weight loss journey, hopefully in doing so I will loose the extra pounds that seem to have crept on in 2016.
Last year was very emotional for me on many levels, to many to explore here, but suffice to say I am an emotional eater so everything gets wrapped up with food….
So why the blog? I hope that most of you that know me and see me as a woman who loves her exercise and loves taking part in the soul fitness classes (I always give it my all) BUT…
I am not happy with my weight, I have the exercise bit right, but not the food and its time to change that, I don’t want to be super slim, but I do want to be comfortable in my own skin, confident that I feel good in what I am wearing.SOUND FAMILIAR?
I am sure I am not alone, so good days, bad days, weight loss, weight gain, I am going to take you with me on my Journey .

So what goals have I set…
Firstly they are realistic.. long term 2 stone lighter!
Short term…. half a stone at a time.
I am going skiing the first week of March, so my first challenge is to loose a stone before I go.

The numbers…
I weighed in on the 01/01/17 at 14stone 4 lbs( the heaviest I have been for a long time).
This mornings weigh in 27/01/17 13st 12lb =-6lb
My plan….
Soulsisters Mac or Hirons, (we all need a buddy or 2, and I am blessed to have mine with me, encouraging me all the way), will weigh me in on a Friday morning, before my favourite class of the week, it sets my weekend up perfectly. I will blog and let you know how I am getting on.

Join me soulsisters?, Im keeping this real and raw and I would love to have some company…. Heath x