Soul sisters

Why Soul ?

If you wondered why we chose Soul or indeed why we rebranded at all then read on .When we started the business nearly 5 years ago we offered about 5 classes a week and they were all boxfit (we were girls,we hit stuff so go figure where our original name of Pink Punch came from ?)

Fast forward to 2016 with over 30 classes covering everything from Pilates to Circuits, weight training to running and our name just didn’t reflect who we were anymore.

We needed a name that encompassed all of our core values of hard work yet fun, of community, belonging, friendship and nurture, a name that said “give of your best, be empowered and together we can all achieve more than we can alone” .. and so Soul Fitness emerged.

This year ladies could be the year you actually make a resolution to change and stick to it! We are here to help, we have a great group of women working and training with us of all ages, abilities shapes and sizes.

2017 it’s time to silence that voice in your head that’s telling you your not fit enough or young enough to change, everybody can and everybody has to start somewhere so if your ready then lets get started …. Soul xx