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Why does group exercise work ?

There are many reasons why working out with a group works better than working out alone, obviously its cheaper than a session with a personal trainer for a start (of course that has its benefits too , especially if you have a specific goal in mind, or you are struggling with injuries for example).
Group exercise is typically led by an instructor in a studio and covers a variety of disciplines from Boxfit to Pilates, its a fun safe environment to work in and has many benefits..

* Its fun and very sociable, great music to listen to and you will be surrounded by people who quickly become friends.
* There is an accountability factor which really helps to keep you on track, plus research has proven that you are more likely to push yourself in a group than when working out alone (its much more difficult to be the person “not trying” in a room full of people giving 100%)
* Its time efficient because believe it or not you will work harder in a group for 30,45 or 60 mins than you would in 90 mins on your own.This makes it easier to factor in to your day and we all know as busy women (often juggling a family and a job, plus a million other commitments, just how precious your time can be)
* You become part of a team and this really does feel good, it also helps to get you through that one last rep or last cardio block, there is a camaraderie thats hard to beat.
* There is always someone on hand to guide and advise you, correct bad form and yes, stop you from giving up!
* Develops every element of your fitness.. choose your classes wisely and you can target all the main components that fitness requires, Aerobic endurance, strength, flexibility, co ordination and balance.

So there you have it! just a few reasons why group exercise is so effective, consider it a bit like the adult version of meeting at the swings when you were a kid,or hanging out with your teenage friends…Its fun and its sociable! just with a few more lunges thrown in and a bit less snogging behind the bus stop,