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What’s the best workout plan?

Q: What’s the ideal workout /diet plan?

A: Sadly,  just as there are no magic pills to take for fat loss, there’s not one magic workout programme that will make you burn fat whilst leaving lean muscle.

The Best workout and diet plan is the plan that you actually follow through with.

The most important thing as far as training goes, is to pick classes that best suit your  schedule and energy levels. Consider your other commitments?  work, kids , family obligations, etc…. and then plan your training sessions around them. Treat them like important business meetings that just can’t be missed or changed, the more you stick to your plan the less likely you are to miss a workout, which will ultimately bring you closer to your goal(s) faster.

On our timetable we offer a variety of classes and something for everyone

High energy, fat burning and fun.       Boxfit / Ex45 / Circuits / Ex30 cardio

Strength, Conditioning and toning.    Barre / Ex30 strength / Pilates / Pilates Fusion / Core Fusion

All our Classes offer something different and all have different merits so our top tips are, try and have a variety of cardio, strength, flexibility and toning. Fitness is never just one thing and you should try and include a bit of everything if possible, make it fit your lifestyle and timetable, and (most importantly) do what you enjoy.

Regarding diet, the same rules apply really, and if your reading Heathers weight loss blog you will see that failing to plan never works. Eat little and often and try to eat freshly prepared meals where possible, stay hydrated (water is key to help with fat burning). No food is the devil (unless you eat too much of it), and burn more calories than you consume … it’s really not complicated no matter what the “insta” bloggers claim, it just takes a little discipline (not always easy we know)… just remember one very important thing  DONT REWARD YOURSELF WITH FOOD, and though we are sure you have read this before we will say it again,  your not a dog !