Soul fitness classes

Sample Timetable (Derby)

7:10 EX30 Hiit Bodyweight ,light dumbells or water bottles
9:30  Burn 500  Bodyweight

13:00 Demolition Sledgehammer or Dumbell
5:30  Ex30  Bodyweight
18: 15 Cardio Weights 5kg plate or Dumbell or Kettlebell


8.30 am Rise and Shine , yoga based session mat and pilates ball

 9:30 am  Hiit weights    5kg plate or dumbell
13:00 pm  Demolition sledgehammer or dumbell
17:45 pm Cardio weight light weights
18:30 pm Kettlebell   kettlebell or dumb

7:10 am  Ex30 
  light dumbells
9:30 am   Legs , bums and tums   body weight

13:00 pm Kettlebell  kettlebell or dumbell

17:30 pm Hiit step   step

18:15 pm Bootcamp outdoors weather permitting tyre if you have one

8:30 am Rise and Shine 
9:30 Burn 500
17:45 pm Hiit
18:30 pm Demolition
19:10 pm Zen chilled


7.10 am Ex30
9:15 am Hiit step

10:00 am Just weights
17:30 pm Soul survivor   a little bit of everything

9:30 am Soul survivor 

All our classes are virtual classes done via zoom , times and style of class can change from week to week we do this to keep things fresh and non-formulated  .